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Health & Safety

Wana’s interest is to make sure that Ugandans understand the unhealthy connections and  distribution of LPG in their homes. In this way Wana has decided to invest heavily in safety  precautions of LPG in peoples homes.

There is a problem not only in Uganda but all over the world who use wrong information that LPG is a dangerous substance. This partly is true due to lack of information and Wana has positioned itself with information to its customers that LPG is a clean and readily available form of energy for cooking and boiling water.

Wana has now established itself with extensive capacity building of the public about the benefits of LPG

Safety Tips for Handling LPG Cylinders

Connecting the filled Cylinder:-

  1. Cylinder must be kept in vertical position only.
  2. To remove the safety cap, press it down, pull the cord and keeping it pulled, and lift the cap off the valve of the cylinder.
  3. Check whether sealing ring is in place inside the cylinder valve by feeling the same with the help of your little finger. Do not use the cylinder if the ring is missing. Put back the safety cap and contact your distributor for replacement of cylinder.

To mount regulator on the filled cylinder, carry out the following steps:-

  1. Ensure the switch knob of the regulator is in the OFF position.
  2. Grip the regulator and pull up the plastic blush.
  3. Place the regulator vertically on the valve and press it down till its edge touches the hexagen of the valve on the cylinder with a gentle swivel. Release the black plastic bush and then press it down (You may hear a click sound).
  4. The pressure regulator is now locked on the cylinder.
  5. Cylinder must not be exposed to direct sunlight for long time.
  6. Cylinder must not be kept in closed cupboard or shelf.
  7. No articles must be kept on the top of the cylinder.

About the Rubber tubing:-

  1. It must be of approval quality (ISI Mark)
  2. It should be as short as possible. Maximum length should be about 1.5 meters.
  3. It should be easily accessible for inspection.
  4. Keep it away from heat and fire.
  5. Push it so as to cover the full length of the nozzle.
  6. Make sure it does not get heated by a burner or looped/twisted.
  7. Clean it with wet cloth only. Do not use soap to ease the tube over the nozzle.
  8. Replace tubing on completion of warranty.

In case of Emergency (Gas Leaks):-

  1. Do not operate electrical switches.
  2. Ensure that stove knobs are in OFF position.
  3. Do not light a matchstick even to detect the leakage of LPG.
  4. Switch OFF the pressure regulator by turning the knob clockwise to the OFF position.
  5. Open all doors and windows.
  6. If the smell persists, call your Wes Gas Distributors during office hours. For emergencies after office hours or on holidays please call up your nearest emergency service number.
  7. An experienced person can detach the regulator. Fix the safety cap on the valve.
  8. Fire brigade help call 112.
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